Steps For a Successful Event

1.  Pick a location for yours

  • Coffee Shop

  • Restaurant Big table or separate room

  • Public Library Meeting Room

  • Church or other venue open for public use/rental

  • Hotel Conference Room

  • Anywhere bright and fun!

2.  Setup- Do what inspires you- Feature the Products

  • In a larger venue setup a product display​

  • In a smaller venue have as many portable and easy products ready to share

  • In BOTH cases get product on or in people and do the simple product demos.

3.  Decide who on your team will also be a location vs attend one and get them excited about filling it too

4.  Get your evites and info out-  Facebook, Email, Text, Personal Calls etc

5.  Decide who you want to invite personally to the event and help your leaders do the same.  Set an event size goal.

6.  Give something to do at the event to as many people as possible

7.  You determine the agenda and timeline outside of the broadcast, but begin and end with your team/area vision.  

8.  Connect your Team tot the Webcast:


  • Everyone watch on their mobile devices

  • Watch together on a computer or tablet screen

  • Connect to a projector or TV via HDMI etc-  test it before the event day



Make is Fun-  Keep it simple -  Get people involved -  Focus on NEW people
If you have people watching it who are new you cannot “mess this u