Nikken is in the process of launching a Next Generation Home Business with a very advanced Self-Care product line in North America.  Right now we are among the first to know… but that is going to change very rapidly.  We are team leaders in this area and are putting together the initial launch teams to prepare for thousands who will connect to Nikken regionally.  We are in coordination with a National Team and have all of the support and infrastructure to make this happen.  Those who develop this now have the ability to earn 6 figure+ residual incomes and will impact countless lives doing so. 

Launch Plan

  • Help each area develop 3 people + You who see Nikken the full Nikken Vision.  Once this is reached an area PLANTED- This is where your area earns a Listing!

  • Help each area develop 15 active Consultants- the area is LAUNCHED- This is where your area earns a listing and is Open for others to use/attend!

  • Help each area reach 50 active Consultants- the area is a DIAMOND MINE- This is where your area is a True Nikken Hub and delivering the gift of the 5 Pillars to countless people!


Once this is done, we are positioned to repeat it with new people joining who will repeat it for themselves- but their “numbers” will have the advantage of being spread out OR being local and this is where the huge volume comes in!


We will link the areas together via the web/FAST Team

The "NIKKEN LIVE" Gathering- The Heartbeat of your area!​

  • Decide to take charge of your business and be clear about what you are doing

  • Identify 1-5 people who see Nikken as a Primary or Secondary Income

  • Pick a fun spot to have your “Nikken Live” Gathering at least bi-weekly that works for you.  Move into a larger location when you are consistently overflowing.  You can add more smaller meetings or frequency where/when needed



Suggested “Nikken Live” Content

  • 1.Have portable products and Tri-folds/"Be Healthy By Choice Not By Chance" Brochure and/or Catalogs.

  • 2.Introduce yourselves- put product on/around new people and visibly use them yourselves

  • 3.Share the vision for your area

  • 4.Discover/Share the "Nikken LIVE" Slides “ in 7-10 Minutes

  • 4A- OR-  Discover/Share the at A Glance” Tri-Fold or “Be Healthy By Choice Not By Chance” in 7-10 minutes- whichever you choose, put the other in their hands at the end,  You can also play a short video you like!

  • 5.Talk, tell stories, share products and answer questions and place tools in the hands of interested attendees.

Click here for a listing of "Nikken Live" Locations
Coming 11.1.19